[TRANS] 121201 Sulli & Krystal – reviews/message on Victoria’s photobook ‘VICTORIA’s HONGMA’


f(x) Krystal:
This is Vic umma’s introduction to Hong Kong and Macao! I’ve been really, really waiting for it!
These are places we go to often, but I had no idea that there were so many interesting places not a lot of people knew about.
I wish that one time, all the f(x) members would be able to go for a vacation according to the route Vic umma took.

f(x) Sulli:
Looking back at Hong Kong and Macao thoroughly like this is like having pictures sent out from her handphone in real-time!
As the book unfolds, I begin to get a picture of how fun and exciting this trip was for Vic umma.
I didn’t know that before, as I merely went to the places I had to go to…
In the future, I’ll browse all the places that showed up in this book. One by one.

Credits: iheartfx.com
Posted by: henjinry@valsk.com


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