[WEIBO+ME2DAY] 121103 Victoria update: talks about charity event in Beijing


Original post: “这次和安七炫哥哥一起,在北京昌平雨竹学校度过了愉快的两天。看到了孩子们开心地吃面包、用心地做蛋糕、认真地写下自己的梦想、努力地唱歌跳舞的样子~希望大家能一直健康开心的去实现梦想[哈哈]也谢谢一直以来支持和帮助我做慈善公益活动的粉丝们~”

Trans: “Spend a couple of day with Kangta big bro at Yuzhu School Beijing, saw children eat bread happily, made cake, wrote down their dreams and sang together~ I hope everyone will be healthy and happy to achieve the dreams *laugh icon* and thanks to fans for help and support me to do this charity event.”


Original post: “강타오빠랑 잘 다녀왔습니다~이번에 북경도 오랜만이고 어린친구들이랑 정말 즐겁고 보람있는 시간을 보낸 것 같아요~저의 어린시절 기억도 떠오르고 팬여러분 보내주신 선물도 잘 전달 했습니다~앞으로도 이런 좋은 일을 우리 함께 해요~^^”
Trans: “I have come back well with Kangta oppa. I haven’t been in Beijing for such a long time,I had a pleasant and memorable time with my little friends this time. It reminds me of my childhood~ Many memories unfold…I also delivered gifts from fans to the charity as well. Let us all participate in good charity event together next time

Source: Victoria’s Weibo
Weibo post translated by: maknaepanda@affxtion.com
Me2day post translated by: Naki@forsongqian.tumblr.com
Posted by: henjinry@valsk.com


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