[NEWS] 121031 Luna talks about her passion, student life, and her twin sister in recent interview

f(x)’s Luna sat down with MyDaily’s
reporter for an exclusive interview. She
discussed her ongoing passion, musical
career and family, as well as her
transition from a celebrity to student
life. The following is an excerpt of the
interview between Luna and the MyDaily
The interview had to be scheduled after
5pm because Luna was busy with
schoolwork. She will come as soon as
she finishes writing her exams. Prior to
the interview, I searched on the web to
learn f(x)’s Luna better. Soon I realized
that Luna has a twin sister. Whenever I
encountered f(x)’s stages I thought,
“Where is Luna getting all that energy
from?” Her powerful voice and
performances did not match with her
size at all but to think that there is one
more Luna in the world? Wow. It was
truly amazing.
When the clock hit five, Luna appeared
at the meeting place, “Good Afternoon!”
MyDaily: “How did your exams go?”
Luna: “Hm… I think I did okay (shy laugh)”

MyDaily: “Do you mind me asking about your
Luna: “It is a bit personal.(Haha) I am doing
great. I receive many As too!”

MyDaily: “You have a twin sister. Does your
sister look exactly like you?”
Luna: “No not quite. My sister weights a little
more but is much prettier than me.”

MyDaily: “I heard that you use public
transportation to school. Is there
a special reason for it?”
Luna: “Before, I used to take subway to
school but I bus now. My father once
insisted me to take the bus instead of
subway. At first, I didn’t like the idea
because subway is much faster. Then
my father said if I want to learn the
geography of a country, hopping on
the bus is a better alternative. So, if I
wake up early for school, I take bus
and study the region. I enjoy busing
now. It’s quite fun.”

MyDaily: “Though wouldn’t your family be
worried? Luna is a celebrity and
people notice you right away.”
Luna: “Actually, no they are not worried at all
(Laugh). My father is a highly spirited
person. He always says, ‘At your age,
the best way to learn is to experience
everything yourself!’ He wants his
daughter to be competent and strong.
My grandma is the only worried one in
the family.
People do recognize me on the street
though they don’t come up to me. I
think it is because I’m usually busy
doing something. The crowds are
respecting my personal space.”

MyDaily:”You starred in ‘Legally Blonde’
and in KBS2 “Immortal Song” you
performed a few musical themed
stages. Do you enjoy musicals?
Luna: “Acting in ‘Legally Blonde’ was so fun
and interesting. It opened up the
opportunity for me to act as a musical
actress on the stage. If I have the
chance, I really want to act in a musical
again. It was really fun.”

MyDaily: “You starred in a drama before.
What would be the main
difference between singer, musical,
and drama?”
Luna: “All three have one thing in common.
They all require voices. I use my voice
to sing and act. The core difference is
on the voice delivering strategy. So
when I first tried to simply act for a
stage, I didn’t really understand the
phrase ‘All arts are one.’ Now that I do,
I want to learn more on delivering my
voice to the audience.”

MyDaily: “Was becoming a singer your
childhood dream?”
Luna: “Yes, since young I wanted to become
a singer. When I was young, I watched
singers performing on TV. I followed
the steps and sang along. I realized
that I feel most happy when I sing and

MyDaily: “How did you meet SM
Entertainment agency?”
Luna: “Few years ago, I made my first appear
on TV in the program called “ Truth or
Dare.” I was just very lucky. Because
of the show, I was able to enter SM
Entertainment as a trainee. I have
always admired SM Entertainment
singers especially BoA!”

MyDaily: “Finally, how are you doing at
school? Are you getting along with
your classmates?”
Luna: “Because I am a celebrity, I had a hard
time getting along with other students.
One day, I opened up and told my
honest feelings in class, ‘I am not
different. I am a student and I go to
school just like you. I want to learn and
create valuable memories in this class.
Please help me.’ Shortly, other students
approached me and held my hand. I
think they understood my honesty.
Since then we all became close friends.
I was glad that I could open up.”

MyDaily: “What did you want to do when
you become a grown up?”
Luna: “I already accomplished all of them! The
first thing I had in mind was to travel
across Korea. My dad, sister and I
packed up our bags and traveled the
country for three nights. The other one
is enjoying my university years!”

Source: soompi.com
Posted by: henjinry@valsk.com

4 images released by My Daily when the interview article comes out can be visited here → http://t.co/bj0QTn68


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