[TRANS|WEIBO] [121011-121018] Amber’s Weibo Updates


translation:  where am I??

SNOOPY生日快乐!@GenNeo @henryzzz89 alex you missed out!@拉米_纯五度

translation: happy birthday SNOOPY! @GenNeo @henryzzz89 alex you missed out!@拉米_纯五度

BOA姐姐太好笑。。我昨天兩點睡醒了 所以無聊死了哈哈好久沒有跟boa姐姐講話所以發了一張短信給她。。

translation: BOA unnie is too funny.. I woke up on 2 AM last night and feel bored to death haha it’s been a long time since I talked to boa unnie so I sent a message to her

coming soon!!

translated by: zhang_meixia on twitter
shared by: lolypop29 @ valsk.com

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