[TRANS|WEIBO] [120917-121008] Amber’s Weibo Updates

#刘逸云生日快乐##刘逸云生日快乐##刘逸云生日快乐##刘逸云生日快乐# 謝謝 你們!! 希望今年我的中文會進步所以我每天能跟大家微薄!

translation: thank you all!! I hope my mandarin is getting better this year so I can talk with all of you everyday through weibo!  note: “刘逸云生日快乐” is a hashtag that chinese fans use for her birthday

AND! 聽說昨天EXO得到奬品!oh my gosh! [嘻嘻] EXO 加油!

translation: AND! I heard EXO got an award! oh my gosh! [嘻嘻] EXO fighting!


translation: me with my sister 🙂

party完了! 哈哈哈 謝謝!

translation: party is over! hahaha thank you!


translation: I forget to upload this on weibo! sorry [悲伤] these are 5 photos that I promised!

我的哥哥們給了我一個驚喜,你們太好了!@GenNeo @henryzzz89 isaac, niel, 和 dr. justin 🙂

translation: my brothers gave me a surprise, all of you are awesome! @GenNeo @henryzzz89 isaac, niel, and dr. justin 🙂

你是跟@henryzzz89 玩啊 哈哈 你是跟我寫歌和練習韓文。。 我們兩個需要休息 哈哈 without u 很好聽!!// @GenNeo : 好久没有跟大家分享新作品,大家应该忘记我是作音乐的吧[嘻嘻]但我没有在偷懒每天只和@henryzzz89 和@FX_xiaoA 玩哦!这是一个preview,我原本写给自己的歌,但是现在还没有决定。。http://t.cn/zlwsW8V

translation: you with @henryzzz89 are playing this game haha you said to me to write a song and pratice my korea.. both of us need some rest haha without you looks better!! // @GenNeo :it’s been awhile since I shared my new work with all of you, you can’t forget that I make music [嘻嘻] but I don’t have time to be lazy all day and @henryzzz89 and @FX_xiaoA played! This is a preview, at first I wrote the song by myself, but haven’t decided.. http://t.cn/zlwsW8V

東方神起前輩們 發了新專輯! 希望大家支持 CATCH ME!謝謝你們! 哥哥們加油[哈哈]

translation: TVXQ sunbae made a new album! I hope all of you will support CATCH ME! Thank you! oppa fighting [哈哈]

SEHUN SORRY! 我會做一個好姐姐! SEHUN 太乖! #人生赢家刘逸云#

translation: SEHUN SORRY! I’ll be a better sister! SEHUN is too good! #hidup Liu Yiyun# note: Sehun is a member from EXO-K, Liu Yiyun is Amber’s chinese name

跟爸爸在九份玩!哈哈 週末愉快!

translation: playing with dad in Jiu Fen! haha nice weekend!

宋茜姐姐有微博了! [音乐]follow 她 follow 她 Victoria的 微博[音乐] @宋茜-fx–victoria

translation: Song Qian unnie has weibo! [音乐] follow her follow her Victoria’s weibo [音乐] @宋茜-fx–victoria

pikachu棒棒糖。。我的臉。。oh my gosh..

translation: Pikachu lollipop.. my face.. oh my gosh..


translation: hahahahaha

OMGOSH! 蔥油餅!! 😀

translation: OMGOSH! green onion pancake!! 😀

@宋茜-fx–victoria 姐姐〜

translation: @宋茜-fx–victoria unnie~

@宋茜-fx–victoria 看! 是妳 !:)

translation: @宋茜-fx–victoria see! this is you! 🙂

今天去看東方神起哥哥們! SO GOOD! 穿了允浩哥哥的夾克 哈哈 我也能跳 hulk dance 嗎?[嘻嘻]

translation: today I went to watch TVXQ sunbae! SO GOOD! using Yunho oppa’s jacket, can I do hulk dance? [嘻嘻]

jack jack & 公主

translation: jack jack & princess

translated by: zhang_meixia on twitter
shared by: lolypop29 @ valsk.com


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