Sulli Films With Sangchoo the Dog in ‘To the Beautiful You’

Sulli has faced off against Sangchoo, the large dog.

In new still cuts for the upcoming SBS drama To the Beautiful You, Sulli is seen in disguise in a short bob and in school uniform to pass as a male high school student.

Coming across Sangchoo′s dog house, Sulli is naturally frightened after reading a sign that reads, ‘As long as you don’t come close, he won’t bite.’ But overcoming her fears, Sulli slowly approaches and discovers Sangchoo to be a docile canine, despite his large size.

The scene was shot on July 12 at a university school campus near Icheon in Gyeonggi-do. Despite Sulli’s great acting, it was Sangchoo who proved to be the NG-maker for the scene, as when Sangchoo was supposed to run to Sulli but would keep running elsewhere.

Despite Sangchoo’s goofs, Sulli remained in good spirits and continued to laugh at Sangchoo’s cute mistakes.

Sangchoo not only plays an important role as the ‘messenger’ who brings Sulli and Minho’s characters together, but he won the competitive role after beating out some eight other dogs.

Despite it being his first drama role, Sangchoo was said to have made an easy transition to life on set.

To the Beautiful You will premiere on SBS on August 15.

cr : enewsworld

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