[NEWS] F(x) Sulli Cries After Chopping Hair for Her “To the Beautiful You”

F(x)’s Sulli is going to great lengths for her upcoming television drama role. After a series of amateur photos were uploaded online, an official first look at Sulli in character as Koo Jae Hee for the upcoming SBS drama To the Beautiful You were recently released.
In the drama, Sulli’s character disguises herself as a male in order to attend an all-male physical education high school to meet the gold medalist high jumper, Tae Joon (Minho).

For her transformation, Sulli sought out a hair shop before her first filming and proceeded to chop off some 60cm of her hair herself.
Though Sulli showed boldness while chopping her hair, afterwards, at the sight of her hair on the floor, she began shedding tears before quickly composing herself.

Later on, on July 7 in Ilsan, an already now short-haired Sulli filmed a hair-chopping scene for the drama, utilizing a wig.Perhaps because of her personal experience, Sulli showed a remarkable level of focus as she determinedly cut her wig with a pair of scissors and received praise for her acting.

A drama source said, “As it is Sulli’s first leading role, she’s showing a lot of passion and is struggling in many ways to best portray Koo Jae Hee. Please continue to monitor Sulli who is putting her all into her transformation.”

To the Beautiful You will premiere on SBS in August.

cr: enewsworld


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