f(x) to make comeback in late June ~ early July!

SM Entertainment‘s girl group f(x) will be having their most anticipated comeback this June!

An SM Entertainment representative sent media outlets the news earlier today about their youngest girl group’s upcoming return to the music scene after concentrating on solo activities. Coming back from a one-year hiatus after the release of their last single “Hot Summer”, their upcoming concept is rumored to be based on acclaimed designer Ha Sang Baek‘s most recent works called “floral punk spunk”.

Music video filming was held during their stay in California two weeks ago, before their company’s “SM Town Live 2012 LA” concert in Anaheim. Choreographed by SM Entertainment’s resident directors for production Shim Jaewon and Rino Nakasone, their title track will surely conquer the charts this summer!

P.S: Amber, Sulli & Krystal modelled in Ha Sang Baek’s runway back in 2009 for his 2010 S/S Collection.

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